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Monday, September 22, 2008

Windy - windy - windy

The wind howled across Bredbo all Saturday until about 9:00pm. It must have reached nearly 80kph, the pig shelters ended up across the paddock and other odds and ends ended up scattered across the place.

The new piglets have settled in and are piling up with the three weeks old, some of the older ones are stealing milk from the new mum which is always a concern. I had to feed a couple of the new piglet’s cow’s milk from a syringe because they had dehydrated a little – this is a lot easier then having them inside.

Sunday was a better day, not as much wind and a lovely 22degs. I had a chance to do some digging in the garden and started to put in a new bed. Beccy continues to do well, she only eats a lot in the evening, but she’s back to drinking more then 2 litres.

Friday I picked up the seed and fertilizer, and I may have broken the Jeep. The trailer ended up at about 1900 kgs, the Jeeps towing load is supposed to be 2450kgs. After the first hill the oil pressure in the engine dropped right down, I’m not sure if it was because the oil over heated or I blew a gasket, hopefully it was the oil. It took me nearly three hours to get home; I was followed by the police for a while and then an ambulance with its sirens and lights on. I was mighty glad by the time I got home.

Todays photo shows the difference between new piglets and two week old piglets. Its amazing how much they grow in a couple of weeks.


Lynette said...

For sale one as new jeep
Please enquire to Charly.
Going soooon


Jaaam said...

It must have been the night for the winds, it was howling through here yesterday and last night.
Love the piglets, the sax player said that you must have at least 100 pigs by now, or it may seem that way. Supposed to be a lovely 29 tomorrow.