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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

23mm of rain

At last – some rain that I can actually talk about. Yesterday and last night we received about 23mm of glorious rain. It started around lunch time yesterday and was still raining off-and-on until 4:00am this morning. Now we are expecting a few days of warmth and sun – not chill and wind like normally would happen.

This should bring on both the potatoes’ and the grass, I think the pigs were grazing on green shoots this morning already.

I got mugged by the goat mafia this morning – they saw me fixing the pigs bread ration and decided they should be entitled to some as well. We’ve even got the cattle joining in, Bella loves bread and as soon as she see’s you near the stash she’s strait over. I'm going to have to come up with a smarter way of doing this.
Oh yeah - if your reading this - STOP!! go outside, and fill up your car with petrol, now!! The price of oil jumped over $26 US dollars a barrel last night.

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