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Friday, September 26, 2008

More to do.

It’s Friday at last – and the Cook has my weekend all planned out for me. I need to get some more gardens ready, there is a little bit of fencing that needs doing down at the oats paddock and I need to check out how the planting has gone. We’ve got Max coming for a sleep over as well.

We ran into the Greening Australia guy at the servo last night on the way home, he’s coming out on Tuesday to look at a couple of new sites for seeding, hopefully we can sort this out soon. I forgot to mention that he DPI/TAFE people came out last week and had a good time. Apparently one of the young lads got bitten by an ant on the finger, the girl in charge said he should show it to the Cook as she is a nurse. The Cook took one look at it and told the fellow that amputation was the only cure and she has a small axe which could take care of finger that size – understandably he sought a second opinion.

The new runties are doing OK, they are drinking from the bowl which is good. Hopefully over the weekend we can feed them up and get them putting on weight.

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Jaaam said...

Glad to see the Cook has everything organised. James will be cutting the cirtus trees over the weekend so it will hopefully stop the kids next door throwing fruit at our crew and dogs over the school hols. Have a fantastic weekend and say hi to all. We had some rain fall over night, it was lovely to wake up to the cool. Have a good one.