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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hot and Cold

Beccy the calf appears to be going well. So far she has survived so we are pretty confident once we get the scours medicine into her she will start to improve more. Being a twin it is likely that she will be infertile and talking to Matthew last night even pouting her to a miniature Galloway wouldn’t be advisable. So looks like the cook has got herself another pet to look after.

It was pretty cold this morning around minus 5 degrees. But it could also be the last minus morning we have this year. The rest of the week our maximums are all above 15 degrees. However; it does seem we will be having a few more frosts before winter properly ends.

We’ve lost a couple of the young chickens; I hope it’s not the fat black dog snacking. Most of them do appear to be roosters, so any chickens in the brood are precious to us at the moment. Of course, our resident hatchery manager has things under control with another clutch of eggs under incubation.

Todays photo is one the Cook took of the Alpine Phebalium I was talking about the other day. She took this on her walk-about she did last Thursday.

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