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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Higgledy piggeldy

Free Ranging allows the pigs to do whatever comes naturally. We’ve noticed that the mother pigs tend to keep their piglets in separate nests for the first few days, after that, they just all bundle in on top of each other. I suppose they do this to conserve body heat and feel secure. But it makes you wonder about what is important to the pigs and being able to have close contact with each other, when they are small does appear to be important. We noticed this even with the runts when we had them inside, they always slept right ontop of each other.

On Sunday they spent most of the day out side their shed sunning themselves, sprawled higgledy piggledy across the yard. The two runts from the previous litter participate in the group huddles as well and don’t seem to worry the mothers at all.

So – we’re still learning the best way to do this, but I think we are starting to get somewhere at last.
EDIT: I just noticed how much these guys have grown when you look back at Snappys' photo from last week.

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