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Friday, September 19, 2008

A dozen or so.

I hooked up the trailer this morning and headed off to the feed store to pick up the seed for the oats paddock. I didn’t stop to check the pigs, they were up and snuffling around, the roosters were crowing and the horses were standing, hopefully, at the feed shed gate.

What I didn’t notice were the twelve new piglets Dahlia had just delivered in the boars’ paddock. 12 – 12 – 12 !!!!!!!!! It’s only her first litter – it’s supposed to be a small litter, you know six or maybe eight – not twelve!!!!! Happily they and mother are all doing well. The live-in Midwife is happy – because she missed the whole thing as well – except for the placenta munching, glad I missed that. Seen too many of those just lately.

Beccy the calf seems to be doing a lot better. She’s drinking now and we’ve been able to get the scours medicine into her as well. The cook was afraid she wasn’t going to make it after yesterday mornings little episode – but the kids fed her last night and things seem to have turned the corner for her.

Last night I went to the Cooma North Primary Schools production of Aladdin, it was great!! A real credit to all the teachers, parents and students – I enjoyed every moment of the show, especially the Villain and the Gene, they were my favourite characters. The costumes were excellent and the sets and lighting outstanding - well done!!


Lynette said...

the other I/2 has his email address now.the kids could send an email to luv to the cook

Valley View said...

Thanks Lyn, I'll pass that on to the boys and the cook.