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Monday, September 8, 2008

Wattle it be next!

We just recieved the following email form Matt Appelby, an Ecologist at Bush Heritage. He found a plant amoungst the rocks at the back of the property a few months ago. Here's what he said;

The plant on the rocky outcrop has been looked at by one of the experts on that plant family. Marco Duretto is confident that it IS Phebalium squamulosum subspecies ozothamnoides (Alpine Phebalium… think this is an old common name?). This is the species that I selected using the plant identification key, but the description didn’t match too well. Marco agrees that it doesn’t fit some of the usual characters such as leaf width and length, but when we looked at other examples of that sub-species it is pretty obvious that it is a highly variable beast!

Nonetheless, Marco is sending the sample to the Phebalium specialist in Perth for him to examine. At the very least it will help them to fix the key so that your plants fit better and increases the known distribution of the species.

I’d certainly look at propagation if you are interested. It has a number of good attributes that would make it a great garden plant, and it might be one that you use for regen on the hills. I’ve worked on a similar species in N-E Tas which is critically endangered (less than 50 adult plants were left in the wild) called Phebalium daviesii or Davies’ wax-flower. While your plant isn’t endangered, it is the only place I’ve seen it and maybe this unusual variety is only found in Bredbo. Maybe you/we should look at it as a sort of emblem for the region? It probably was more widespread and is now restricted to the last(?) place where the sheep, cattle, roos can’t easily get to it.

We've also had the first wattles bloom on the place - we didn't have any last year and as far as we know this is the first time they bloomed for years. Usually the sheep would have grazed these to the ground.

Staurday we had the Soccer Gala, the North Cooma Strikers came fourth from the eight teams, drawing three and winning one game. Well done guys!!!!! Ben recieved a Distingtion in his Maths competion coming in the top 6% in ACT/NSW which was marvelous. We also recieved a letter from Harrys' Principal congradulating him on his enthusiasm and conduct in Home Economics and Technology.

So that's it for today - I've got the flu and had to go to the dentist this morning so things are a bit slow today. Todays photo isn't brilliant, but it shows the wattles in bloom - I'll do better tomorrow.

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Lynette said...

Get well soon.
Iris in Germany I feel would like some seeds of alpine phebalium to propergate for thier Clare hills property We are baby sitting young plants for them