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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good weather for Ducks

Rain!!!! Not a lot – 3mm in fact, but enough to make the green come through. The African Love Grass is sprouting green as well. All good signs that spring is here. People have been telling us that it’s been a cold winter, we didn’t think so – no where near as cold as last year. Or maybe we’re just getting tougher.

Piglets are doing well, they have the two runties from the last litter we had living with them, hopefully they don’t learn to many bad manners.

We have four Indian Runner ducks I bought from Stan the Turkey Man. I thought they were two pairs, unless one is gay, I didn’t get two pairs. But the remarkable thing about these is, that one – my luck it’ll be a gay one – has a pom pom on his head. This is rare and only occurs in 1 in 10, 000 or so I’m told. I‘ve stuck his picture up so you can see him. The other two are Janes Ducks, their called Rouens.

The NSW DPI say about the Rouen; originally from France, is the least popular of all table breeds because it is the slowest to mature and has dark flesh. Its most outstanding feature is its magnificent colour and markings, a throwback to the Mallard duck from which it originated. The female differs in colour from the male.

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