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Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunday - piglets arrive

Sunday - Well, Snappy decided it was finally time to deliver the goods - ten piglets - almost. We didn't see her having them and by the time we got out to feed them it was all over, unfortunately one of the litter wasn't very well. We took it inside and our on site medical staff tried to revive it, but it wasn't strong enough. (WARNING - THIS ISN'T NICE!!) Later a second one must have been laid on and died. By the time we got back to see what had happened Snappy had half eaten it, so we needed to get it out - that's the reality of farming life. Snappy is a really bad tempered pig, she had a go at the Midwife when we first went out to inspect the litter. Then, when we moved her into the mothering pen I had to use a garden hoe to keep her from biting me. She had a go at the kids a couple of times as well.

We got a bit of fencing done thanks to Jimmy, and fixed the pig paddock so the Little ones can't escape anymore. The electric fence is a shocker however; No matter what you do it goes on the blink at 5:00pm Sunday rain, hail or shine - this week it was rain. I spent two hours walking around, in the fading light and rain, trying to figure out what had happened - finally I found the problem and the fence was back on.

I also took a quick tip to the dump, always a highlite of any weekend!!! The Cook had pulled an all nighter on the Saturday as well so she slept through most of Sunday. Lucky her!!! Since we've been feeding the goats a little bit of bread every night every time I go out side they come running to see if I have any, which makes achange from the running for hills that used to greet me. - Speaking of the goats, the Gardener asked me to fix her vegie garden fence on the weekend so she could plant her spuds, so like the good endentured man I am I fixed the fence, strained it up and put in some new droppers. Not ten minutes later, after we'd packed up and gone inside, Bendy the goat, jumps the fence and starts munching on the Cooks' garlic. Thsy never give in!!!!

Todays photo is of Snappy as I left her this morning - the piglets are onthe other side - but I wasn't going in there!!!

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