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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't foxes eat rabbits?

I went into town yesterday and on the way home I stopped to open the front gate, when I got out of the car, standing about 12 feet away, behind the car, was a young red fox. It didn’t seem very worried about me and started to walk towards me, I shouted at it and it just looked at me. Then I remembered that I had the dogs in the car, and so I opened the back door and let them out. The fox watched me the whole time and even seemed a little interested in what I was doing. The dogs bounded out of the car and bolted out onto the road – then ignoring the fox ran off towards the house – in the opposite direction, the fox still looking at me trotted off down the driveway towards the TSR dam. Obviously the dogs aren’t hungry enough.

We have a rabbit plague at the moment as well, I went out to the car this morning and there was nine rabbits on the front lawn, I then counted another five on the back yard and a couple under the silos. Not having a gun license yet – or a gun, I’m a little ham strung as to what I can do. I have rung a fellow in town, who hunts rabbits with ferrets, but I’ve not heard back from him yet – I think Ben would enjoy a good BBQ rabbit on the webber.

Sadly one of the little runty pigs we had brought into the house over the weekend died yesterday, it was a female and was a lot smaller then the others. It’s probably a good thing that it didn’t make it as it would have just been another small pig I couldn’t sell. The other two are going from strength to strength, they are eating from a bowl and scoff down weetbix and milk hourly. It’s much easier then the hourly bottle feeds we had the first runties on.

The cattle were missing this morning, I ‘m not sure were they have wandered off too. I’ll have to go down the end of the pig paddocks this morning to see if they have gone threw the fence and wandered down along the river – it never ends! Beccy the calf is going well and drinks up to six litres of milk a day now, Harry feeds her mostly and I think he really enjoys his new chore.


Jaaam said...

How about we send the boys over to you and see how you go, they just love chasing birds, etc and I am sure that Jack would give Rufus a run for his money. Even down at the beach he nearly keeps up with Rufus it must be the Kelpie in him and Ruf well that's just the bluey in him. The sax player said that we can send James back he would enjoy the shoot, mind you he would probably like to take out the dogs as well as the rabbits.

Valley View said...

Is that take out the dogs or "Take out the Dogs"?

Jaaam said...

Ha, what do you think of course it is the second option, shark bait and roadkill are their nicknames...