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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Animal house

There is never a dull day on the farm. I went out to feed the pigs this morning and thought I’d take a look at the piglets in their huddle. I don’t usually do more then check them quickly and make sure they are all there. I talked about the ones I’d noticed that were a little scrawny on Monday. One wasn’t looking too hot and the other was still looking thin, so I grabbed them both and gave them a couple of feeds from a syringe again, but when I had a look at one I found that it had a bad cut around its head, I think it had been either stepped on or bitten by one of the mums.

There was no blood or anything, but it doesn’t look that good - so we’ve got piglets in the house again. I hope we can pull these guys through, I hate seeing them in poor condition or hurt.

Todays photo was taken by the Cook on our drive yesterday at the top of the Tinderry Range.

Beccy is getting more demanding and is drinking really well. The sheep has taken a liking to the bread and will walk right up to me and stamp her foot demanding I give her bread in the morning. After yesterdays scenic tour we arrived home to find the cook had left the lights on in the little car, so as well as every thing else I had to recharge the battery over night ( she did ask me if I noticed the lights on – as we drove down Jerangle Rd).

Young Ben is getting a Principals Pennant tomorrow at Assembly – he’s very excited – so well done Ben.

This photo is of the two watch dogs waiting for the kids to leave for school so they could snatch a couple of duck eggs for breakfast - not half obvious are they!!!

Oats get sown tomorrow - I hope.

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Lynette said...

nice photo Cook ! Give the Boss a run in on your artistic layouts
Your dad is well after a fall a couple of days ago,,,tough!!!! hes up and running again
Keep safe you guys
luv Lyn