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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Up at the rocks.

Blimey it was cold yesterday afternoon; the kids got a little wet walking home form the bus, but that can be marked up as character building. The calf was a little cold so we moved her to the yards and she had a restful night in the hay. She has started drinking out of a bucket which saves all the mucking around with a bottle. It snowed last night as well, when I got up this morning there was snow right along the spine of the ranges to our west.

Forgot to say a big thanks to James, all his help was very much appreciated whilst he was here last week. I finally moved the remains of the old pigsty he and Harry demolished on the weekend. I also had an opportunity to try out the jacket he brought from over in the west – very nice, fits much better with out a jumper or three underneath.

It was extremely windy last night as well, I had to go down the river this morning and pick half a dozen piglets out of the poplar trees. They must have blown down there last night whilst they were sleeping. I also had to rescue Bendy the goat from the gully next to the house where she had got herself stuck. When I left this morning the cows were all facing into the wind which makes them look like they’ve just had a face lift. Some times it hard to leave in the morning.

The oats go in next week, I’ve got to somehow get two tonnes of seed and fertilizer off the trailer and undercover on Friday night – guess when it’ll rain next!

And Fiona, you can start feeding the piglet wheatbix (or porridge), milk and an egg in the next few days, they do much better on it and if you get the cheap stuff it goes further. We found they like boiled rice as well. At about six weeks old you can start feeding them soaked grain or pellets the same as it’s mum gets.

Todays photo is a lovely study taken by the Cook on Thursday. She went for a little wander up the back whilst I was in bed sick ('snoring my head off' was the technical term she used). I think this is a lovely shot capturing some very interesting early morning light and tones amoungst the ancient rock formations and wattle trees.

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