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Monday, September 29, 2008

Pig mustering

The weekends over and it’s time to get back to work. I managed to fix a few things around the farm, couple of fences and stuff. The seed is all planted and there is the chance of rain in the next few days.

We had to separate Dahlia from the other mum’s on Saturday; her piglets weren’t getting a fair go at the milk and looked like starved Ethiopians. Unfortunately when we separated her, four of Snappy’s piglets decided they would rather move in with Dahlia. So now we have three of Dahlia's piglets in the house, she has ten suckling off of her and Snappy only has five – but she’s very happy.

Didn’t get anything done in the garden – by the time we’d finished Saturday and with the wind blowing a gale again Sunday there wasn’t any time. I did move some fertilizer and straw down to the garden for this weeks chores.

Big news however, we’ve managed to procure 35 Merino sheep. Our first flock! I was hoping to get horned Wiltshire sheep, but I couldn’t refuse the offer of free sheep. So Sunday we head off to collect them from the other side of Canberra.
Nearly forgot - Happy birthday Mum!!!!!!! from all us down here!!! XXX OOO

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