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Monday, September 15, 2008

I'm Back!

We apologize for this break in transmission - we’ll return to our normal program as soon as possible. Sorry everybody I was a little sick over the past few days, damned flu got the better of me, but I’m OK now and it doesn’t look like I’ve given it to the cook. Well, a lot has happened and not happened over the past few days.

Firstly – it didn’t rain like they said it would. Sunday morning looked really promising – all we managed by the afternoon was 4mm. That was supposed to be two days worth of rain – nothing!

I placed an advertisement in the Allclassifieds free web site about our piglets – for sale $80 each at eight weeks old. I’ve sold eight up to now, out of the seventeen we have from the last two litters.

350 spuds in and planted – I don’t think we thought they would be that hard to plant. I can’t take much of the credit, the Head Gardener did most of the hard work. It took two days to get them all in the ground – I hope they work. I tried to use an old set of harrows on the ploughed area to break it up, it seemed to work OK, towed around the paddock on the back of the Jeep. With no tractor I couldn’t see another way, I thought of asking the cook to drag them around – but even in a delusionary state I thought better of that. We’ll see later how well it worked.

The cooks mate Jane rang on Saturday – she has found us another goat – great, where is that hole in the head I put down around here somewhere??? I was supposed to go and pick up feed on the weekend as well, but the lurgy put a stop to that – need to fix that up tonight.

We have a new boarder – a three week old Black Angus Heifer named Beccy. She was a twin, the smaller one, and has been rejected by her mother – so the cook is feeding it from a bottle. She came from the guys down at Ingelara. I hope she does alright she’s got really bad scours which isn’t healthy at her age.

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