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Friday, September 5, 2008


Still on the spring theme; the blossoms on the apricot tree are out and hopefully we can produce a good crop. After the head gardener gave it a sever pruning in autumn we weren’t expecting to see so many bubs on it this year.

Big soccer day this weekend, Cooma has its Gala Day where all the teams play a round robin accumulating goals, the team with the most goals at the end of the day wins – Go Strikers!!!!

On the farm I think it’s planting this weekend with Potatoes and pumpkins being the first things to go into the ploughed field. I’ll take some photos of how that progresses. I need to take a look at the irrigator and make sure it's OK for the season as well.

Piglets are doing fine, James went out and took photos before he leaves this afternoon, of course they thought that he was going to feed them, so there was a lot of squealing and snorting – and the pigs made a little bit of noise as well!!! The little chicks are looking good too, they have acclimated to the outside well and are growing well.

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