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Friday, August 1, 2008

Snappy - Queen of the Pigs

It was suggested to me that I introduce all the animals on the farm. Sounded like a good idea to me, so our first introduction is for the matriarch of our pig world “Snappy”.

Snappy is a very handsome sow, she’s a pure bred Berkshire and weights in at around 100kgs. She has an uneven temperament, big floppy ears and four white sox. We named her Snappy because she has a nasty habit of biting. She had her first litter on Boxing day 2007, at which time she delivered us seven gorgeous little piglets. She was such a sook! She spent hours laying around after the birth letting our resident midwife take care of the piglets. Not surprisingly her piglets have always been a little stand-offish.

Snappy is always the first too the feed trough and the first one to bed, often I have to wake her up in the morning for her feed. She is also the only pig I’ve ever seen yawn.

Snappy would like to say hi to all her fans in Western Australia!!!!!!

The pictures show her eating at the trough – her favourite, in labour – not her favourite, and posing – my favourite.

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Jaaam said...

Yeah - Hi Snappy - we still loovveee bacon