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Friday, August 8, 2008

More snow

It wasn't as cold at home as it was in Canberra yesterday. The fog didn't lift until late but the clouds hang around all day. It started to rain just as the last light began to fade and by 8:00pm we measured about 3.5mm. The Bush Heritage visit on Monday has been postponed until the 23rd of August which is no big deal. Greening Australia are still planning to do a field survey on Monday afternoon.

There's lots of feeds to do for the weekend, and I hope to get more straw for the pigs. It's been cold the last few mornings with a minus five and minus four, and more of the same forecast for next week. This weekend we'll be starting the weeding of the ploughed field - looking forward to that!! And - while your on the net, go visit the ABC Rural web site, they have my picture of the TSR on their front page. They got the name wrong - there is no way I look like a Mary!!!

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Jaaam said...

I'm sure "Mary" that is can be arranged - a lovely pair of slacks and a nice bright floral blouse, a few curlers in the hair with a scarf, a bit of lippy and mascara and a lovely pair of comfortable flats plus a gorgeous handbag and you will be set.