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Friday, August 15, 2008


Eggs are the topic of discussion at the dinner table at the moment. We are collecting them, hatching them, eating them and selling them. You know, our seven chickens must lay nine dozen eggs a fortnight to pay for their feed. That’s 108 eggs or 15.5 eggs per chicken per fortnight. Don’t bother doing the maths it doesn’t work.

Hopefully from our last hatching we can gain a few more chickens and not too many roosters. We want to incubate another lot in a couple of weeks to boost numbers more. I found out the other day that to buy a pullet, at point of lay - from the feed store, costs $16.50!!!!

The past couple of mornings have been fine and warm – well considering, yesterday was four degrees and this morning it was six degrees. No frost, no ice and hot showers!!!! This must be one of those early Spring traps we get every now and then.

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