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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

No piglets yet

Yesterday we had a visit from the Bush Heritage and NSW Parks and Wildlife and have submitted our application for processing to have part of the property declared a Flora & Fauna Refuge. The rest of it is progressing along, but nothing new to report there.

Picked up another load of supplemental feed for the pigs – for which they appear very grateful. This mornings feeding frenzy was very modest compared to mornings we feed grain.

The cook is a little crook, bit of a cold, poor thing – hope you get better soon!!!!!!!!! Snappy still hasn’t popped, every morning I go out expecting to see her parading a new litter – but nothing.

Hello to all the guy’s in Rocky – didn’t realise you where visiting our blog regularly, hope you can sort out your free ranging pig before it eats a child! Our picture today is of Snappy this morning, you can see a slight smile on her face - that's because shes eating. The little pig next other is one of the runts from our very first litter.


Lynette said...

get well cook.
I check the blogg everyday.
Dads lost interest!!!!


Jaaam said...

I think Snappy is waiting until the guy from the West gets there to help out. He wants the cook to get better so the cook can cook up a lovely batch of scones, like she did for Mary. To which he will then make a dinner or two for everyone while he is there.......There are a few small ones trying to stowaway in his luggage at the moment.