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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pigs in a poke

Ever wondered what a poke of pigs looks like? That’s what today’s photo is, two sows lying nose to tail with piglets and weaners piled in on top. It was cold this morning, about minus four degrees, but no frost. The taps were all frozen and there was ice covering the water troughs, but no ice on the cars or grass.

More chicks hatched over night and I thank out of the 24 eggs in the incubator only three didn’t hatch and one died in the egg. This was with out doubt our best hatching yet.

Tonight there is a meeting at the Bredbo Inn about our rights to sell carbon credits from on-farm native vegetation. The notice that we picked up at the general store say’s that native bushland is likely to be excluded from the carbon trading scheme in favour of forestry plantations. It appears the Government is looking after its mates in organised crime, I mean big business, again at the expense of the farmers.

1 comment:

Lynette said...

piggy piggy one went to market
one stayed home, I'm sure it was the bottom one in the poke!