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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Group therapy

I thought I would give you all a little treat today – this is the vision that greats me every morning as I go about my feeding chores. These are the guy’s who make getting up worth all the effort – regardless of how cold or how much sleep I’ve had. Star and Rose are the two mums in the foreground, they’re never far from the action. I’ve been told that the TV series Dead Wood a Chinese laundry man had a pig that could eat a human in 2hrs 39 min – that’s why I’m always nervous before they have eaten! Pity I couldn’t put the sound they make up on the Blog – maybe one day I’ll do a video.


RockWallaby said...

Reporting 12 healthy piglets born this morning (Friday) at Marlborough about 4 am - thankyou to the dogs for letting us know!!!
Our first purebred Berkshires.
Grandy left for the train about 5 without getting to meet the new additions to the family.

Valley View said...

Hey that's great, you'll be eating pork for months. Does the sow have enough teats to feed that many?? FYI you need to feed them an extra 600grams per piglet, for about a month to get the best growth.

It's alright grandy can come back and see them later, another excuse to make the trip.