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Monday, August 18, 2008

Flying Kites

There was a lot of catch-up done around the farm this weekend. Not having soccer or birthday parties to attend really makes a difference. The garden was mulched with straw from the pig pens, more manure was added to the compost heap and seeds were planted in preparation for spring.

We did a lot of cleaning up around the sheds, getting rid of the weeds and accumulated scrap steel, and finished the bottom strand of netting on the chicken coop.

Whilst we were working on the chicken pen a Black-shouldered Kite perched in the poplar trees along the gully and kept a close eye on proceedings. These birds are common in Eastern Australia but it’s the first time I’ve seen one on the property. We have also seen Wedge Tailed Eagles, Brown Eagles and Whistling Kites since we’ve been out here.

Today’s picture is of the Black-shouldered Kite that watched us working on the weekend, sorry for the quality but I couldn’t get close enough with my camera to get a really good shot.

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