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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Gobble, gobble, gobble

A cold (minus 5C) and foggy morning greeted us this morning. The pigs didn’t want to wake up for their feed and the dogs were less than impressed about being tied up. I can’t believe how impervious to the cold that the ducks seem too be. After all, they fly across the world to escape winter in the wild. Ours just sit out in the open all night, quacking away, when they have a perfectly good shelter to sleep in.

We currently have a family of kangaroos living out on the TSR; there are four - two young, a Joey and a mum. In the morning it’s not unusual to see the kangaroos, the sheep, goats and cattle all grazing merrily on the flats.

I need to get the turkeys sorted out sooner rather then later as well. Currently we have three males and one female – always the way! At least we can eat the two white males, I promised the “Turkey Man” I wouldn’t eat the coloured one. The males have all been fighting for the last few weeks; several times I’ve had to break up fights and separate them. I do like the turkeys, it would be good to get a few more females so we could turn over a regular number each Christmas.

The roosters are still ambushing the kids at feed time. Eldest son was goaded into trying to catch one the other day by the youngest. He used his finger for bait, the rooster walked up and bit it and wouldn’t let go. When all the commotion died down, eldest held up a somewhat swollen and bloodied finger, youngest burst into tears of laughter. In my opinion I think that technically he had caught the rooster, by the beak.

Todays photo is of Gob, he's our male King Island Turkey. He's got beautiful colour and a rather mild manner for a turkey. He wanders about the farm keeping the rooster apart and a close eye on his partner Cybil.


Lynette said...

Yes it looks like you now have a
Mcdonalds farm up and going,
will need a bunch or two of ausie garlic, doz lettuces, 4 pigs trotters, and 2 doz bredbow eggs
What about it?

Valley View said...

Is that to take away???