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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad weather

Well I didn’t win Oz Lotto last night. But I was bitten by a piglet today – and that’s not something I don’t want to repeat too often. The little piglets were a little bit hungry when we brought them in tonight. In their eagerness to get their heads in the feed bowl one of them decided I needed a little hurry up. Got me right on the finger, no wonder the Cook screams. She spent all day in the garden building the Berlin wall around her garden to stop the pigs
The winds have been blowing all day, they are a little worse this evening, and we’ll see what it’s done in the morning.

I went it town this morning, early mornings I like to catch the first Sky News report at 5.45am. But this morning I had trouble finding the remote; by the time I managed to get the TV on it was time to go. I was in a shop in town with a mate and went to pull out my wallet, what I pulled out was the remote for the TV – can’t buy breakfast with that chirped my mate. I was wondering how long the kids had spent looking for it after I’d gone. So anyway the Cook couldn’t watch any day time TV.

Last night I had the trailer on the car full of bread – it was Tuesday. I parked the car and went off to do a job, by the time I got back it was pouring rain. Unfortunately for me, not only was it raining but the trailer had a flat tyre. So I ripped the tyre off, and found the spare was flat also, I took it to three servo’s before I found one that had an air compressor and hose that worked. After I got everything back together – in the rain, I headed home, it was about 8:00pm when I left town. It rained and blew all the way home, when I got out at the front gate the wind was blowing above 65kph and the rain was bucketing down. The unusual thing was that the moon was out and the stars were shining. The rain was being blown from about four kilometres away from the western ranges right across the valley to us. Unfortunately the rain gauge was blown over, but using mum’s feed bucket method I think we had more than 15mm.

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