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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Bredbo's Burning

I’ve been doing a little investigating and it would appear that there are only a handful of Berkshire breeders in Australia. The Australian Berkshire Breeders Association have about 8-10 studs on their books – most being in SA or WA. So it would seem it’s a good time to register ourselves as a Stud and have a number of our herd registered.

What is this all going to mean, I don’t know yet. When we bought our Boar I was told it was registered with the Association – I have to find out more about that; our six foundation Sows have registration numbers as well but that’s another story.

I don’t think the Cook ever thought she’d be a Pig Stud owner when she left school – I know I didn’t.

I was in my way home last night just after sunset, I get a call from the Cook – two houses in Bredbo are burning, she can see the fire from the house. I thought it was a bit strange to have two house fires – but if she can see them then it must be right. I was a little further down the track when I got another call telling me the fire had spread and if I could see it from where I was? By the time I got back I was just in time to see the RFS packing up their toys and going home. The Cook had seen them burning off the long grass out the back of the Pizza Shop and between the Church and the School, but because of where we live it looked a whole lot worse.

Our new water license arrived today – it says I can’t pump anything at all until it rains. Funny that; I didn’t really want to spray sand all over the paddocks.

I’m taking the kids into town tomorrow for a School Holiday treat. I needed to do it on Friday so I could have the weekend to get other things done around the farm. So far I have a mountain of jobs to do but little time to get everything done, hopefully I can get a start this weekend and start knocking a few over.

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