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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Brand new pigs

new piggies

We all had a very busy day today, picking up feed, fencing, playing and unloading feed. Poor old Cook got attacked by pigs bringing in the shopping after a night duty. One of the pigs managed to break open her apple bag and spill apples all over the paddock. She came running in looking for some help - but as always the pigs won in the end.

We went out to feed tonight, one of the pigs was looking pretty big this morning - yes it was one eating apples, anyway she had eight piglets at 5pm and mum and piglets are doing well. Luckily I'd put a new wall on the pigs house, it started to rain jsut after she had finished.

Anyway - tomorrows Monday, start of a brand new week.


Em said...

Anyone who says pigs aren't smart cant be too intelligent themselves. Sneaky apple-stealing piggies!

On a different topic, I have a itty bitty favor to ask - it is looking positive on our rental application but the agent is hesitant to let us have it sight unseen. Having someone view it for us though would suffice. If there is any chance that you or the cook could arrange a brief viewing for us we would be eternally grateful!

Valley View said...

I'm taking tomorrow off as it would happen - send me an email, address is on the blog. I've got to go into Cooma first up in the morning and would be happy to help out.

Em said...

Thanks!!! Email sent :)