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Friday, July 3, 2009


George the sheep has once again disgraced himself. I went out onto the front veranda last night and found he had eaten – yes, eaten half a dozen cardboard boxes that used to contain books, video tapes and cloths. We had stored the boxes on the veranda whilst we did some, as yet not started, interior renovations. Not only has he eaten the boxes – and you’d have to ask why, he lives in the front yard , nearly an acre of good grass and has unrestricted access to the paddocks and he gets fed bread and grain; but, he’s eaten two very large bags of shredded paper we were going to use on the compost heap that we had in the shed.

He also frightened the life out of me last night when I went to feed the dogs. As I opened the back door he must have been standing on the other side and burst through the door – I had no idea what was going on, and tripped backwards over Shadow and landed flat on my back in the middle of the door way, George decided I’d make a good door mat and walked over me to get inside. He has also developed a funny reaction to cement, when ever he stands on it he wee’s.

The two piglets living inside the house have found their voice and will soon have to leave their fire side comfort. The Cook has rules and as soon as they become noisy they are out. The next load of pigs is off on Monday, so it’ll be another big weekend. We’ve also got to find the time to pick up feed, deliver a Boar and attend Soccer and a NSF working B – then there is fencing and weed control.

Hopefully the wind will subside tonight, it’s been howling the past few days and there is now snow on the mountains again. Looking at the weather charts we had the lowest pressure barometric pressure we get over us yesterday and by Sunday we will have the highest barometric pressure from the high travelling across the Great Australian Bight – it’s not normal to get both ends of the spectrum in less than a week.

Looks like the pigs fence is off again, I think I need a new battery, there hasn’t been much sun lately on the old one might be having problems. So the Cook is kicking my behind to sort that out and I’ve already got a hundred other things planned for tomorrow – maybe I’ll just sleep in……….


Lindsay said...

Perhaps it would be easier if the animals lived inside your house and your family moved outside!!

swallowtail said...

yes. that was my thought too. I bet that the barn is nice and warm, fresh straw, lots of company....

seriously. and install a video. though I have to say, I enjoy the word-picture fully.

xoxoxto you and yours.