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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Things just keep on getting busier and busier. We delivered our first processed pig to a local customer Saturday morning – or more like they came out and picked it up. Normally people come out to our place they might arrive an old ute or a flash 4WD, we don’t usually take a real lot of notice. But this morning was something different. We were standing outside; I had just arrived home from picking up the pig and the cook had just got off the phone The Cook says she can hear a car driving up the road, sounds a bit rough she says. As it comes into view we got our first look at the car and she said to me – better grab the dog that’s an expensive looking car, at first I thought it was a MG but as it got closer I could read the name – Masarati – holy cow...!!!!!
So the lady pulled up and we had a little talk, she took a good look at the pig,, figured it was big enough and we stuffed it into a big plastic bag and loaded it into the boot of her car. Next time I’ll ask more questions before I tell them how much I want for a pig.

The Cook went off to Canberra for a visit that afternoon – she ended up driving back in somebody else’s car – on top of everything else the Jeep hasn’t any lights now – and she found that out just before she went to drive home in the dark. She’s gone off to a truffle lunch today at Old Parliament House with a couple of her mates. So I’ve been left at home to run the farm.

So the big news for the weekend is – we have lambs!!!!!! Beryl and Sheepie amongst others came down into the house paddock this morning to show off their new babies. So far we have four of which two are female, I had to ring the Cook straight away, interrupted her lunch but it was just too exciting news to keep to myself.

So that’s it quickly for today, I’ve got feeds to make up and washing to do – have a nice Sunday.

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