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Thursday, July 30, 2009

What's Fatso doing?

Fatso is the closer pig

What’s Fatso doing today? She is busy as usual, rummaging through the grass looking for more food. Yesterday she decided she wanted to come into town with me and it took ages to convince her she wasn’t getting into the car. Finally I had to cut her up an apple from one of the barrels to get her attention away from the car. By late morning I was rescuing her from certain damnation whilst hunting through the Cooks onion patch.

As lunchtime arrived, Fatso was tired and took a nice nap in the sun out side the pig house, she likes it in the sun and can often be found resting her eye’s when it’s high. By two O’clock she was out on the ploughed field getting stuck into some fresh delicious grass. When I drove out to pick up the boys her and Floppsy galloped back to the trailer and took up positions whilst they await the boys return – because the boys fill up the bread baskets in the afternoon and Fastso gets to sit in the trailer and eat anything she wants.

The boys spoil her a bit. Once the bread is done and the feeds are out, Fatso – so full she would surely burst finds a nice warm spot between two of the mothers and cuddles up for a nice sleep, ready to go again in the morning. She’s always the first one up and she is always comes running out squealing away to greet me in the morning.

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Jaaam said...

Hey missed you in Karratha to see The McClymonts, will send you a photo. Our non country music chap did not go. Doesn't know what he is missing out on.