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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was out late again last night collecting green food for the pigs. It’s been windy all day and I might have to go out and tie down the piglets.

The Cook has been doing some great work in the wood fired oven – I’m putting on my winter condition no trouble. Tonight it’s vegetable soup.

Oh I forgot – don’t mention vegetables, the pigs managed to break in to the Cooks garden yesterday and eat all her cabbages. Boy am I in a world of bother! Never min, we’ll just have to have the pickled pig’s trotters without the Sauer Kraut. That might even be a good thing.

We had a fox eating the bread in the trailer the other evening, it jumped up and walked across the car roof to get into the trailer. Ben scarred it off when he went to feed the piglets.

The Cook spent the best part of yesterday building the piglets a new, bigger home – seeing there are now five of the buggers.

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