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Friday, June 26, 2009

What happened to the week?

Is it Friday already? Where has the week gone? Driving home tonight I had to stop on the side of the road and have a sleep I was that knackered. I’ve been picking up green scraps in the late afternoons and driving back over rough and windy dirt tracks, in the dark, through areas over populated with kangaroos. I’ve had four near misses in two days

And of course all this stuff has to be unloaded before I can take off the next morning. I haven’t been getting in at night until 8-8:30pm. The pigs love the green scraps and eagerly await the arrival of the next load.

This morning the animals got a little eager and I ended up with animals everywhere. George was in the back of the car hoicking stuff out to the other animals – I think they are taking over the farm.

The Cook has been savaged by another pig and I think she is starting a list of who is next for chop. I was reading a book that said Berkshire pigs, because of their smaller size were also known as the ladies pig. I keep telling her not to hand feed them.
This weekend we’ve got more fencing to do and if we are lucky and there is some time left over maybe some weed spraying.

Ben received his mid-year report card today and it was pretty good. Not like the ones I used to bring home that’s for sure, but apparently he needs to work on his spelling – I’m told he’s not the only one......!

oooh! better say something about our other big news - we're going to be on TV!!!!!!


The Duck Herder said...

Sounds like heaps of exciting stuff MR BVVF.

Whats the tellie program?

Jaaam said...

Is there going to be new TD Outback Adventures featuring BVVF???

swallowtail said...

I see a Labrador in there having a snack too!