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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Where are the horses?

We haven’t seen the horses for a couple of days, their up the back in the old Lucerne paddock enjoying the cooler weather. I watched the three goats walk back along the track to the house last night after spending the day out there as well.

The Jeep is back on the road after a couple of days at the garage – it’s nice to have it back in action. I’ve been doing some thinking about a couple of winter projects, shouldn’t say too much – the Cook might be listening.

We’ve got two piglets in the house/barn now – both with coughs. But they just keep the ducklings and chicks entertained. We had to give one of the piglets penicillin the other night, the poor little thing struggled a little and those needles are awfully long – but I shouldn’t get any nasty infection for at least a week! Have I told you about the night the Cook wormed me for heart worm – maybe another time.

We missed a good lot of rain that travelled down the coast over the last couple of days, but, there’s always tomorrow.

1 comment:

Jaaam said...

You need to be over here for the rain. I like the doggy treats better.