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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Eagle eye'd

Pretty hectic last night – the Cook was on a holiday, with a sleep over at a friends tossed in. Hopefully she’ll be back fresh and full of life ready to get stuck in! We floundered without her.

After getting home and having the traditional – “it’s over 35Deg C out there hour long nap” I jumped into feeding and watering. We had to catch a couple of small pigs a bloke had ordered out Bungendore way, then it was cooking dinner, bathing kids, making lunches, ironing uniforms and what ever else I had forgotten.

We did get about 2mm of rain – in a storm. The rain was cold as ice and, as you would expect, only lasted as long as it took us to feed the animals. Better then nothing!!

The two eagles are back and where flying low around the front of the property in the afternoon. I think they had an eye on the chooks, but ended up moving off to the north.

So I was up at day break to take the pigs into Fyshwick (BTW – I don’t make these names up, in case your wondering). There they were picked up and I went off to collect the bread.

Thanks for all the comments on the Blog every body!!

1 comment:

Lindsay said...

Love the picture of your young piglet - was he the one you ran over? UK has been iced up last couple of days - if you wish to feel cold for a minute or two come over to my place!