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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting too dry

Lucky we have a Midwife on staff here at Valley View. We’d moved a pregnant sow into a paddock of here own over the weekend, our Midwife was doing her rounds yesterday when she discovered the sow in birthing mode. This was the sows first litter so she thought she’d take a look. She went to investigate and found the sow in a little bit of trouble having a piglet in breach. So the Midwife went to work and rescued the little one with a good yank – she managed to get blood and yuk all over herself as well. The sow ended up having six piglets in all – better than twelve. We have soooo many piglets – anybody want one?

The pigs where out again last night and this morning and the fence was not working as well as it should. I had a look around the yards and couldn’t find any problems. The Cook/Jack boot Jane/Midwife and I had been talking about it last night so I figured I try her suggestion of wetting around the ground stake – seems to have worked, good on you girl!

Last night I went out feed the dogs, it’s no moon so it’s pretty dark at the moment but I seem to make my way around the yard okay in the dark. Anyway I was throwing them some bones, normally George the lamb hangs around so I‘m used to a crowd. Anyway I’m throwing a bone to Archie when I notice that there are already two dogs sitting on the lawn next to me – it was one of the runties from last year – damned darkness. Pigs aren’t supposed to eat meat so I took off after her (stupid idea), tripped over the esky and whacked myself against the tap. So I figured running around in the dark was a bad idea and decided to negotiate with the pig instead. I fetched a loaf of bread from the trailer – got stalked by the goats - and tried to talk her into trading with me. I had to divide the bread up with the goats – everyone was happy, the dogs got the bone, the pigs and goats had bread and I’m sure George did too. I just hope the goats never learn how to use a tazer or I’m really in trouble.

Just goes to show how dry it is. There are articles in the paper today about ACTEW/AGL, the local water people for the ACT are trying to find out why the quality of the water coming down the Murrumbidgee is so poor at the moment – I can tell them – it’s because it’s not flowing anymore, there’s no inflows, not for weeks – it’s dry people DRY!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to ask the guy’s up in Rocky something as well – but I‘ve forgotten what it was. Obviously it wasn’t about sheep. Never mind I’ll remember. It’s nearly Autumn which is our rain season – lets hope.


Lynettes blogs said...

Dry!!!!! You want to come to S.A. havnt seen anything for a couple of months. A mishap with the weir at Torrens Lake, malfunctioned and it all ran down past us to the sea. What a delema. Car bodies shopping carts were exposed right in the front of Festival Theatre
A clean up for the Adelaide council
Come and visit our beautiful city and see the DRY Torrens.
Great for the coming Festival season

Yes would love a couple of pigs ,can you deliver??????
Lyn x

Valley View said...

Their in the mail - couldn't get them on a bus as all the seats were taken!


Lindsay said...

Book the pigs 1st class seats and on Qantas and I will pick them up from Heathrow?

Valley View said...

If your paying - I'll send them, I can't afford a bus ticket to Cooma at the moment.