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Thursday, February 12, 2009

George - he's getting big!

The Jeep broke down again – that’s why no Blog yesterday. I spent all my time in town hitting it with a hammer! Fuel pump is shot, not bad – 15 years service, 420 000 km. I’ll need to get it towed to Cooma so we can get it fixed – another job for the fridge list. Hopefully I can have this done before next Tuesday.

The horses made life a little bit harder last night as well. Phoe disappeared somewhere just before dusk and we couldn’t find her anywhere. After a lot of searching, in the dark, we called it a night – this morning the Cook found her in the next door paddock happy as Larry with her silly trotter mates.

Some of the young chooks are looking a little bit scrawny as well, it might be worms, I’m not sure. Anyway, we’ve bought them into the house to be fed for a few days, the Cook has the wormer out and we’ll see how they go – it may have had something to do with heat as well.

We’ve had clouds and the BOM has forecast rain for the last few days - but not a drop has fallen anywhere near us. There is rain over Bredbo on the radar picture today – but it’s not making it to the ground. At least the humidity should be high enough to stop the grass burning if there is any lightning.


Jaaam said...

Has the oven been fixed, if not he may fit in a Webber - tasty...with mmmiiiiinnnnnnttttttt sauce!
Email Hugh and see what he recommends is the best way to do lamb.
See that karma has really come back to bite you. It is about time you shoot the Jeep.

ashleigh.ridley said...

Hi there,

It's Ashleigh Ridley, I'm Ben's new class teacher. We have been giggling about your farm animal antics all afternoon. Ben gave a great speech this morning about the farm. I hope you don't mind but we have kept the pictures, which are brilliant, and hung them on our class wall. I'm especially fond of the rooster, who is no longer with us, and the attitude on the bull calf's face! Enjoy your weekend.

The Vintage Rose said...

Cars, can't do without them, but there are so much trouble as they get older. We get ours back tomorrow after 3 weeks. 1st mechanic figured out something wrong in the distributor. He sent it to autoelectrician. He had it for a week, couldn't find problem or fix it. He said he even had a Mechanic look at it. Had to pay him for his time. Then get a car trailer to cart it elsewhere. This mechanic diagnosed it straightaway and fixed rotor in distributor and fixed radiator as well. All up $1000, hope the Jeep is back on the road soon.

The Duck Herder said...

hope your getting some rain out there this weekend!