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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Noise's in the night

The horses are fine. But, it would appear that our phantom gate keeper is back. On Sunday I took a walk with the dogs out to the NSF site to collect a pair of sun glasses, on the way back I opened up a gate – which at the time I remember thinking how strange it was that the gate was closed. Jack boot Jane (aka The Cook – but she won’t take off her new gumbies) went to check on the horses last night and found the reason they hadn’t been down to the house. She found all the gates were shut and latched.

We had been leaving the gates open so that the stock had easy access to water, particularly during the hot period we just had – why anybody would want to close them is a mystery.

The piglets are both drinking milk from a bowl – which is great. Means we don’t have to feed them from a bottle and they can have as much as their little bellies will hold.

Hopefully we can pickup our pig brand number from the LHPA this week. That’ll put us another step closer to getting pigs processed. There’s just purchasing a couple of extra freezers to go. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks we will be eating our own pork.

I was reading on another Blog about foxes taking piglets. The farm is on the other side of Canberra so within about 100km of here. I was quite surprised; I didn’t think that foxes would take on a mother pig. We’ve never had a problem that I’m aware of, with foxes – and I don’t doubt it’s true, I just never considered it could happen. I suppose it’s another thing to look out for.


turkeyfether said...

I enjoy your blog very much~ I'm in the Pennsylvania mountains(USA).I'm praying for your safety with these aweful fires we're hearing about in your country.
Tomorrow we're bringing 3 of our piggers to the butcher.Old Order Mennonite & fine person. Kind to the animals.Lets them stay in his barn for a day or 2 to relax & calm down. Then he feeds them a bowl of food & that's it.A pistal shot mid forehead between the eyes when they don't expect it & no fear.I can count on getting all my meat back because of his honesty.He cures my hams but I make my own sausage & bacon. I noted your interest in sausage making.That's how I found your blog.
Have you ever heard of Carla Emery's book THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COUNTRY LIVING ? Fantastic book !But my hot Italian sausage recipe I got online . Best one yet.

Lindsay said...

Perhaps "The Horse Whisperer" has something to do with your gates!

Valley View said...

Hi Turkeyfether - nice ot meet you. I've not come across that book - I'll jhave to have a look on Amazon. I'll have to check out your reciepe as well. We have a fellow from Transylvania up the road from us who is going to teach me a bout sausage making, he's a very nice guy, used to be a geologist working for mines on the area. It concerns me how our pigs will be treated once they get to the meat works - you look like you've found a good solution. My wife and I went to the US in '93 and spent some time watching the Armish working their fields with Horses and Mules. It look so relaxed and intune with nature.
My wife has family in Germany who grow their own pigs also - she's hoping to visit them next year and share some reciepes with them - keep in touch