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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Piquet goats

It finally rained – 10mm over Thursday afternoon and evening. Of course there is always something to take your mind off the rain - On Thursday the Cook was half way home when she got a call from the eldest, he’s at home having just finished school. The call went something like this

“Hi Mum”
“Hi Harry”
“Mum, the cattle are all on the highway”
“Yeah, they are up near the Bridge”
“How do you know?”
“There’s a policeman here – he told me”
“What? – Is he sure they’re ours?”
“I’ll ask him”

So Harry puts the phone down and starts asking the patient Police Officer twenty questions – it goes;
“How many are there?”
“What colour are they?”
“Three cream and one black”
“What sex are they?”
“Two bulls and one cow and a calf”
“What colour is the cow?”

Harry comes back on the phone”
“Hey Mum – they’re ours!”

So the Cook speeds home and in the only rain we’ve had for weeks has to round up the cattle and get them back on the farm – ruining her work shoes.

So how did the cows escape? Somebody had come into the property and opened all the gates – all the way to the main road. Not only where the cattle out but most of the pigs had escaped from their paddocks as well. For a while I couldn’t find all the small pigs and I thought they had been stolen – but they ended up being in the hay shed sound asleep in a piggy pile.
We search around but couldn’t find any reason for the gates to be opened and nothing had been stolen.

I made it home a little bit later; I had to rent a ute to get the pigs trailer of bread home after the Jeep broke down – so I wasn’t aware anything had happened.

It’s the Cooks birthday this weekend - happy birthday Cook --21 again!!!!!! She’s having a weekend off (after she does the laundry, cooks dinner and washes the dishes) – so are we all. I had to get the Jeep in to Cooma this morning so we could get it repaired. Luckily I was able to convince it to start after a half an hour of effort. The Cook needed to pick me up so I shouted her a Bacon and Egg roll for her birthday. I also so gave her a new pair of gumboots!

She has been cooking all afternoon, she is using the River Cottage preserves book to make some dill pickles – hopefully, the newest book from River Cottage arrives early next week – it’s the bread making one, problem is I still haven’t found her a cooker.

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Sian said...

Glad to hear that all the livestock were accounted for in the end. Look forward to hearing critique of the River Cottage Bread recipe book - though if you haven't got a cooker yet that could be some time coming! Great to hear farming tales from the other side of the globe!