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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dad - the pigs are out

Sorry – busy day yesterday and just didn’t get the time. I had the Tuesday bread pickup in the morning. I pulled up at the front gate and tugged on the hand brake and the brake cable snapped – just what I needed.

We separated some of the pigs so the couple that are due to farrow any time now are in paddocks on their own. The fence was off when I arrived home and most of the pigs where out. It had been a windy day and Tiberius’s tin shelter had blown across the wire – once I get the shelters completed I can remove the tin shelters from the paddock, which will be nice.

Unlike Sunday night the pigs all went strait back into their paddocks with out any drama. The new piglets are chunky little blighters (“probably” no reference to Anna – for all you Queenslanders out there) and seem to have discovered the fun parts of pig life. A couple of the weaner pigs broke into the chook pen yesterday and stole all the eggs from under a couple of sitting ducks, that’s another problem to fix this weekend.

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Lindsay said...

Your pigs are a merry bunch of mischief.

PS: Very appropriate word verification I had to use