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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You make me laugh

It’s been hot again today; I think it went to 33Deg C. Luckily there is a cool change on its way. At least no matter how hot it gets we always have cool nights and mornings. Pigs have been wallowing and the horses and cows are lying in the shade of the poplars.

It’s Wednesday already and it looks like we’ll miss out on rain again this week, be nice to have a couple of inches rain right about now.

Hopefully I’ll able to pick up some fencing material for extending the pig park. When Dennis, the guy who ploughs and sows our oat paddock, was over the other day he made a mighty fine suggestion about putting the pigs onto our garden area and using the current pig paddocks for the garden. The Cook and I thought it was such a good idea that we’re straight onto it. In reality it doesn’t appear that we’ll get too much out of our potato crop so we may as well move on.

I’m also starting to plan out our water reticulation – but moving the garden requires a reassessment of some elements, I might get to that after I have a sleep.

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