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Thursday, January 15, 2009

To hot to type

The Cook had a little bit of drama coming back from the coast yesterday, so things have been a little waylaid. She came up over the range from the coast and overheated the Jeep. Nothing serious, just slowed her down a bit – didn’t stop her going shopping however.

I walked up the back to check on the sheep last night and all seem to have survived shearing OK. Little Mildred, or Milly, was hanging with the mob. Her bell could be heard all the way down the hillside. George followed me the whole way like a dog, I don’t think he’s realised he’s really a sheep yet. Thankfully the Cooks garden survived her absence – helped by the fact I left the drippers on all night and day, by accident.

Everybody was sunburnt, tired and grumpy last night and bed was the best place to be. It never went below 25 Deg C all night – but we were all so tired nobody noticed. We’re expecting a cool change tonight, with any luck.


Frank D. Myers said...

If this had a title it would be "Too Cold to Live." Looking for some place warm to spend a little time, I found your blog --- and it fit the bill. This is Mason City, Iowa, USA, and when I left the office half an hour ago, the temperature was -9F with -24F the predicted overnight low (projected wind-chill factor, -45F). There's also two feet of snow on the ground here. So summer in NSW looks pretty good right now and if I had the cash and it didn't take so darned long to get there, I'd be on my way! Great blog, by the way. I feel both warmer and better informed, so thanks for going to the trouble of sharing Bredbo Valley View Farm (I grew up on a Valley View Farm, too, although this one was in southern Iowa). Cheers!

Valley View said...

Hey Frank

Don't let winter get too you - spring is always worth the wait. I'm just glad I'm not over the other side of the country where it's been 100F plus daily. Maybe one day when you do get over this way you can pay us a visit.