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Friday, January 30, 2009


There is only one way to describe it - HORRIBLE. The weather has been just horrible. Today we reached 38Deg C - tomorrow it'll be the same, then cool down to 33Deg C. The pigs are coping with it just, the horses and cows are a little upset and teh goats hate it. The sheep have been coming down to drink from the troughs at night and head back to the shaded gullies during the day.

After thinking everything was going so well over the past few days I arrived hme to chaos yesterday. Twelve pigs had escaped, the electric fence didn't work, the female turkey Cybil, had hatched two Ducklings, I don't know why, but; the male turkeys attacked them and they all died. And to top it all off - I burnt dinner.

Tomorrow I need to take the kids in to town for a sleep over and pick up some timber - then come home and finish building the pig pen before next weekend. The Cook is getting ready for her big trip to Gunning for the Biodynamic course. Sh e didn't get home from work to really late yesterday so she's slightly tired as well.

I'll probably have to start carting water from the Murrumbidgee over the weekend so I can give the pigs a good wallow - I'll have to leave that until the cool time.

No picture today - sorry, too hot to stay on the computer for too long


Jaaam said...

Boy - I don't know whether you received any news from the west on the TV tonight. Well from all the rain from Cyclone Dominic the Gascoyne River is in full flow @ 7metres apparently. When we where there it was at around 4 metres. A friend who is on a plantation is water bound. We need to push all the rain the north is getting down to you guys. It is amazing how much the top end is getting rain even in the centre at the moment. Still haven't moved into a house yet, no word through today.
Catch you later. JAAAM

Lindsay said...

Here's hoping you cool down soon. How much water can you cart from the river in one go? I only understand gallons, not metric!!!

Valley View said...

Lindsay it's about 250 gallons. Hopefully I'll work out a better way soon - thanks for reading - enjoy the snow!