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Thursday, January 29, 2009

No rain yet - just hot

It may be very dry out our way at the moment, but I sure do sympathise with the poor North Queensland farmers who have had way too much rain. At least once it dry’s out they may have a good season or two. We need rain like that to change the conditions here.

Well the organisation for the NSF day is gaining momentum; it’s making for a couple of busy weeks ahead. This weekend I want to get the pigs yards fixed up, I received the wool cheque in the mail this morning – that should cover most of what is needed.

We reached 34 Deg C yesterday which was 3 Deg C below the forecast. It’s currently 35.8DegC and went too 36 Deg C – still, that’s’ 2 below the forecast.

I’m keeping a close eye on all this hoping the pregnant pigs don’t decide to drop right in the middle of it. There’s always something!! I won’t be able to pick up any straw or fence them into their birthing shelters until Saturday – anybody want to bet on a Friday morning population explosion?

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