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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not a drop left.

It was quite busy this weekend, the boys had their fun at Cancon, Ben won five games and Harry won one. We had visitors on Sunday from Murrumbateman and the Bush Heritage Ecologist was out on Monday.

Things are looking pretty desperate as far as water goes again. The River is now totally dry; we pumped the last drop of water out of the water in front of the house on Monday. I’m hoping that the rain forecast for the end of the week does actually eventuate – that would be nice. Failing that, I’m not sure what we are going to do.

The biggest problem will be if we have a bushfire – but I’d rather not think about that.

Yvonne’s friend Jane is dropping off some chickens tonight – egg might be back on the menu, and chickens don’t drink too much. Archie took a stroll into town on Saturday morning, found him down near the Bredbo Community Hall. I think he got his days mixed up; the Australia Day BBQ wasn’t until Monday.

The heat is taking its toll on the garden, the plants are wilting very quickly now. So I need to get on with it – I thought I’d add this article from today’s ABC Rural - enjoy

Aussie farmers slow to take up blogging trend
By Kerrie Lush
Tuesday, 27/01/2009
Do you keep a diary of your day on the farm, or even a scrapbook or photo album of the big events?How would you feel about sharing that with the rest of the world, through an online blog?While Australian farmers are a little reluctant to join the blogging craze, it could have real benefits.Steve Truman is the founder of rural networking website AgMates, and says more Australian farmers should be blogging."It's a wonderful thing to chronicle your life on the farm," he says."Farmers forever have kept diaries"It's just a wonderful thing to keep a record for future generations."Blogging's popular amongst farmers in the United States according to David Ricardo, director of the website wants more Australian farmers to start writing blogs to boost their profiles."We've all got an image to project about how we farm and why we farm and why we like it and what we do," he says.Deb Cantrill from Nirvana Organic farm in the Adelaide Hills says having a blog has lifted the profile of their business."I actually find that you can do more on the blog than you can do on most websites like updating it as frequently as you like without the expense of having someone to design it."For me I like taking photos and writing things so it's a good outlet for me."


Lindsay said...

My brother sends me emails with links to "The Age" - today's news was the expected heat over the coming days and no rain! Good luck! Read your blog every day.

Mad Bush Farm Crew said...

Sounds like us with no rain to be seen for miles. Thanks for recommending my rather insane blog. I had an email from Ian.

Happy farming and lets hope for rain soon!

All the best
Liz at the Mad Bush Farm