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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We regret this break in transmission

I’m back! Kind of busy over the past few days, Harry’s birthday sleep-over and a major computer disruption have left me a little behind. It would appear that we are in the market for a new computer, the one I usually use has thrown a motherboard and resuscitation is out of the question this time. I hope there was nothing on it I hadn’t backed up!!!!

Harry’s sleep over was a real success. All his mates had fun and everybody went home happy and very tired. They stayed up until 2am playing games and chatting about secret boys stuff. They had a bonfire as well which was nice on a chilly evening and has left us with a clean space in the middle of the back lawn. The Cook was kept very busy and lost count of the number of homemade pizza’s and garlic bread she made. By Sunday lunch she was well and truly glad to see the last young lad go home.

The Cook started tired. She had been out to a girls lunch the day before; she had to take the piglet with her because she needs to be fed hourly – the piglet, that is.

Saturday night I was baby sitting the piglet in front of the fire, I was watching it twitch and wriggle as it dreamt on its nice warm bag of wheat. It was dreaming about something and was very active, its legs where moving and it was wiggling from side to side. Suddenly, it jumped up in the middle of a wriggle and bolted, with its eyes still closed – and still asleep, across the box it lives in and slammed into the wire on the far side. It fell over and still wriggling remained soundly asleep. I burst out laughing, it was the funniest thing I’d ever seen a piglet do. Luckily she doesn’t seem to have suffered any injuries from this episode.

Saturday was supposed to be a NSF working party as well. But by the time I had taken Ben to soccer and gone into town to collect a few bags of acorns it was all over. They were putting in a contour line down the road and doing some work at Guises Creek.

We had the Soil Conservation people out to look at our erosion problems and see if we needed any remedial work done. Luckily most of our problems appear to be healing themselves and if we leave stock off the worst areas for a little longer we should be able to see huge improvements after the next good rains.

We had about 4mm of rain over the past week, all in small part millimetre falls. It’s hardly enough to mention – but it is better then nothing.

The next door neighbour was spotlighting for ferals last night. I watched him drive all over the hills across the river. The whole time I could hear a group of foxes yapping at each other on our side - there must have been at least six. I think they all cross the river as soon as they see the spot light come out.

Oh, and the dogs laid more mines – damned things – they are obviously getting into something they’re not supposed too…..

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