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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Nearly Mothers day and I haven't got a thing!

What on earth is going on in the mind of politicians these day’s. Surely we have seen the economy survive world wars, recession and depression; drought flood and fire; earthquakes, cyclones and Equine influenza – why won’t it survive an ETS. Somebody will work out how to make money from it somehow.

So the dozy old sods in Canberra are willing to put the environment at risk, which we know from previous episodes, when stressed, turns to mass extinctions; which I rather think we wouldn’t survive, in order to heal its self. I’m so tired of the short sightedness and popularised nature of politics these days I wish I could proclaim myself King of my realm and declare independence from the Commonwealth – and don’t start me on the NSW State Government.
I was also disapointed in the ACF for their cave in to the revised ETS. Being a donor to the ACF I've written an email outlining my dissatisfaction - if I don't say anything they wont know I'm displeased.

It’s amazing how you can be sitting down and wondering why something happens one minute and the next somebody is writing about exactly the same problem in their Blog. I was only talking to people yesterday about why some piglets just die and others seem to thrive in exactly the same conditions. The guys over at Beginner Farmer where talking about just that, seems the same thing happens to them. I have asked other farmers about mortality rates but I never get a straight answer, I guess, people find it a hard subject to talk about as it might be misconstrued as a weakness.

I have finally been able to remove the piglet formula taste from my mouth – the Cook has to pick up more tooth paste tonight. It’s Harry’s birthday this week as well. Another thing that needs to be organised – probably a sleep over in the shearing shed, lucky them! And, then there is Mothers Day on Sunday – surely every mother wants a compact tractor with a post hole digger and a slasher??


Jaaam said...

Only if on Father's Day we get a new oven, bathroom and other essentials to keep us Mother's happy... :) :) :)

Valley View said...

Aren't you supposed to be at work??

Jaaam said...

No, I resigned last week - looking for a job.

The Duck Herder said...

I really don't think you could go wrong there! Perhaps if you explain that the post hole digger can also be used to stir bulk biodynamic preparations and conpost tea......? And if it has a little back hoe attachment - well, how easy to dig holes to bury cow horns with 500 preparation in them?

it might be short notice, but does your beloved have a biodynamic living flow form stirrer thingy? (elegant, beautiful, saves time and labour) Dilly Dally has a nice one....:

I am sure you will find something lovely!

Valley View said...

Flow form was a christmas present - which she hasn't ordered yet - because she hasn't decided what she wants. I do have to get a couple of preparations as well. We have a poo pit but sourceing the horns has been a problem for the 500 pit - but we'd love to do it.

I'll have to have a talk to you one day about having our own harvest festival on the farm. we're looking at building a wood fired oven in summer and I was thinking about getting us all together and collecting a load of apples from the wild larder and borrowing a cider press and making cider. Cider, a spit roast pig and autumn veg - mmmmmm.......