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Friday, May 29, 2009

No Cook

The Cook is off in Sydney for a couple of days break, so I’m all there is at the moment. Kids are really happy, they get lunch orders today because dad is too useless to make sandwiches. It didn’t stop them taking the last of the rolls that the Cook had made with them for lunch as well.

Late yesterday afternoon one of the neighbour’s cows managed to pull down the Boars electric fence and let out a large mob of pigs – luckily I think the Boars all stayed where they were. I temporarily fixed the problem in the dark but need to attend to that today.

We lost more piglets last night, I know one was laid on and there is nothing that I can do about that. We have the shelter set up so the piglets have somewhere to go when mum tries to lie down, but every now and then one is asleep or something. But another two have vanished with out a trace.

I hopefully have a couple of people taking some grown pigs away this weekend. Five pigs altogether – if I’m lucky.

I have a mountain of paper work to get through as well at the moment, water license renewal, CMA and DECC projects to read through and sign. If everything comes off I’ll be fencing all winter. The LandCare people have volunteered to plant trees for us which is marvellous. We have to supply lunch, which with the planting being in spring some time means it will all be fresh produce from the farm- and a pig on the spit.

We’ve had a little bit more rain, about 1mm. So far this year we’ve received about half the rain we received for the same period last year and less than a quarter of our annual rainfall. Our total year to date is 108mm some places in Northern NSW, on the same latitude received over 100mm in a couple of days this month. I’ve put together a history of rain fall on the farm over the last five years I’ll have to put it up one day.

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Lindsay said...

Sorry about your lack of rain. Over here in North Wilts, UK, I have kept weather records for over 30 years!