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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At least the lawn will be green

Tuesday, and off I went to collect the bread. Before I left I jumped into the shower, our shower isn’t quite what you’d find in a five star hotel – more like what you’d find in a derelict building, after all it is 100years old. The water pressure wasn’t quite as poor as usual – it was worse, even for a cold morning. So I had a quick shower under the dribble of warm water and ducked back into the bedroom. I told the Cook that if she wanted a shower she had better have one now, the water pressure was low and I think we’ve got a leak somewhere.

She jumped out of bed and darted off into the dark in here pyjamas – she’d forgotten to turn off the water o the garden. She came back in and jumped back into bed - lucky her.

Now – as you’d be aware things on the farm are never that simple. Latter in the morning the Cook is letting the chicken eating dog have a run around before he’s put on the chain. She notices that lawn is very wet and that he dog is actually getting bogged chasing the ball. Then she notices that one of the garden taps has been broken off at ground level and water is pouring across the yard.

Of course I’m in town today, picking up bread and other things, lucky I can try and get a part to fix the pipe. But, I won’t be home until nearly dark; I can feel it now - this isn’t going to end well at all……… Going on previous plumbing experiences I should be throwing tools by about 9:30pm tonight!

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