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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Harry

Just got back into the house from morning feeding. Somebody left a gate open last night and the pigs are all mixed together. I’ll have to sort out that mess later. Bella the cow ambushed us as well and had her head stuck in the bread bucket, poor Ben was caught in the middle and mugged by Floppsy and another pig. I ended up having to send him inside to get changed out of a very muddy pair of school pants.

Happy birthday to Harry – 14 today!! He’s nearly 6 foot high as well and it won’t be long before he’s taller and stronger then me. I think the Cook has a party/sleep over planned for a weekend soon.

I was trawling the ABC web site and came across a poem submitted for Beef week, written by my brother. Well done young fella!!! Here it is….

Brahmans are survivors

By Matthew Noakes from Marlborough , QLD

Tuesday, 28/04/2009

The world talks 'Global Warming',Climate Change the common cry.

Brahman cattle will be the survivors,Hairys, Puffers and Euros will die.

Carcass quality is a meritFat cover at all ages guaranteed.No ticks, no flies, no worries,The environmental economic breed.

Droughties, Santas, Brangus and BrafordsDon't fill us with confusion.You wouldn't even be a breedWithout our great infusion.

The world's biggest bull sale is BrahmanWe influence half the national herd.Against Brahmans there isn't even a second,The next best breed runs a distant third.

Well, Brahmans ain’t as good as pigs – obviously.


Jaaam said...

Happy Birthday Harry from the Fowke Family. Love the poem Matthew.

Mother's Day - well guess what -I'm getting an outboard motor... :)

Valley View said...

Your lucky - you'll be able to make the best Pav ever!