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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Solid Fuel

I was going to post yesterday but people wanted some maps made so I got caught up. Anyway, today is all about the Cook. I arrived home Monday night to find the Cook perched on a stool, novel in hand, in the kitchen in front of the wood stove. It’s fast becoming her favourite spot in the house. She had Monday off so decided to arc up the wood stove and do some more cooking.

She started out making some bread rolls; it’s the first time cooking bread in the oven and she slightly burnt them on top – no problem the kids ate them as soon as they arrived home. Not daunted she whisked together some French Sticks for garlic bread and cooked them up – this time her timing was perfect and they came out beautifully. We enjoyed them for dinner that night along with a home made Pizza. She even cooked up a meat loaf and more rolls for the kid’s lunches.

It is really noticeable that the food tastes much better from a solid fuel oven and a cup of tea from a pot boiled on the stove is just heavenly. Of course it helps when its made by an angel…..


Jaaam said...

You're not in the bad books are you - buttering up the Cook??? We know she is fantastic.

swallowtail said...

Awww. Sweet. Nice to have "a" Cook about...