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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Pub Crawling

Busy one today – dog tore off to the pub again. I’ve had him on the dry the last few nights and I think it just got too much for him. I’m just lucky he can’t carry a six pack all the way home. I suspect he has a stash under the bridge.

There are a lot of rabbits about at the moment; they’ve eaten a lot of the carrots and vegetables that were left in the garden. We had two great carrots eaten down to ground level over the weekend and others just completely disappeared.

I managed to keep the pigs in at last. The Cook watched one go under the piece of fence I fixed the other night and witnessed a lot of squealing and grunting as the pig negotiated both the electric and barbed wire. Of course keeping them within their paddocks is as much for their own good as ours – they could get into allsorts of trouble if they started wandering off to different places.

I didn’t tell you that the Cook bought some more chickens on the weekend. I was almost in Canberra on Saturday when the phone rang and it was the Cook. She had the Saturday paper and found some chickens advertised – would I mind having a look at them? I had nothing to do and so took up the challenge. I arrived at the lady’s house – a very flash house, and was taken out the back to the fancy chook house. She had already sold the ones I liked, so I had a look at a couple of Golden Laced Wynndotte. It was a lovely chicken and had a chick, which I had to take if I took the chicken - sure why not? I also ended up with a rooster and two Pencil Laced Wyndottes. I needed a couple of boxes to carry them home so I arranged with the lady to come back later and pick them up – which was fine.

I took Ben back and he, being the chicken whisperer that he is, rounded up the chickens and boxed them up for the trip home. So now we have a few more chickens to add to the foxes menu. I saw a fox on Saturday morning whilst I was driving around town looking for the dog. It was in the neighbours Lucerne field across the river from the house.

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